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Clifford Ross@MaSS MoCA:

I'm proud to share a short video taken from the Digital Hurricane Cathedral room, one part of Clifford Ross' breathtaking multimedia exhibit at MaSS MoCA. I've had the good fortune in being part of this incredible production.

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The 3rd episode of The Ripple Project: ONE series; A clinical look into a neurological experiment as neuroscientist Dr. Daniela Schiller, labors to discover the key to rewriting fearful memories — reconsolidation. From Daniela’s research laboratory in New York she begins her personal search and returns to her native Israel to compel her elderly father to reveal his Holocaust remembrance for the first time. What follows is a haunting exploration into the nature of memory, its power, its vulnerability, its promise and its generational effect.

We are proud to announce a new article in The New Yorker Magazine about Daniela Schiller. The fascinating article describes her amazing work, her incredible journey and how our film ties it all together. We wish to thank Michael Specter, the writer of the article.

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Directed by Liron Unreich


PAN GONGKAI AND CLIFFORD ROSS: Alternate View / A Collaboration:

Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. A multimedia display of Clifford Ross' abstract meditation on a small ink painting executed by Pan Gongkai. Their collaboration at the Zhejiang Art Museum showcases their ongoing work together. This installation which includes a 12' high video and twelve 4x8' maple wood panels, with the panels then hung from the ceiling over a black glass floor.

Liron Unreich was Digital Imaging Director in both video production and Installation.

For more information please visit:
Clifford Ross' official website
Artsy's Clifford Ross' page

Clifford Ross @ The Dumbo Arts Festival 2013:

For three performances Clifford Ross presented his "Immersive Harmonium Video." This immersive video was projected inside the century-old archway below the Manhattan Bridge with live collaborative music performance by Taikoza, the renowned Japanese drum group. A site-specific work, the colorful, dramatic digital imagery contrasts with its setting and harmonizes with the music.

Animation Director, Liron Unreich
Promo Video Shot and edited by Tal Unreich

Cathrine Chalmers': The Chosen:

A parade of leafcutter ants resembles a ritualistic procession. The video follows this colorful parade as the ants traverse the forest and enter their underground colony. They descend through a labyrinth of tunnels where they lay their offerings at the feet of their idol - a golden ant.

Official selection of The Imagine Science Film Festival 2011 in New York. Details.

Post production and consultation by Liron Unreich/Flike


Shared Memory:

Shared Memory is the first in a series of six 20minute episodes examining the multigenerational effects of the Shoah, the inheritance of creativity and the responsibility of survivors and younger generations to impart the lessons of the past. The series will offer an inspirational message that reaches across time to engage a diverse audience and to ensure the memory of those who came before us will not fade away.

Visit the Shared Memory website

Directed by Liron Unreich


Carbon III:

The Carbon video series is made from camera-less negatives which utilize a carbon emulsion on a transparent base, the result of experiments and manipulation by artist Charles Lindsay. Carbon III premiered at the Aperture Show in NY. Read more at Charles Lindsay's website

Video conceived and music by Charles Lindsay

Animation directed by Tal and Liron Unreich,


The Ripple Project: Series ONE

The Ripple Project:One is a film consisting of six 20-minute chapters, each documenting the lives of ordinary people living the ripple effect of extraordinary circumstances. While putting a human face on familiar, yet unfathomable, statistics, this character-driven narrative documentary highlights the multigenerational effect of genocide by giving audiences glimpses into the lives of survivors and their families living in communities much like our own in the United States, Europe and Israel. Visit The Ripple Project site

Directed by Liron Unreich


Binding of Isaac:

The repressed, guilt-ridden memories of Itzhak Ginzburg, a Jewish poet and World War II survivor, return to haunt him in his final years. A lifetime of hidden grief and pain from losing six siblings and both parents to the Shoah ultimately surface. The interview with Itzhak Ginzburg in 1996, by Liron Unreich, was inspired by Itzhak's autobiographical book “Light and Shadows Faith and Doubts.”

Directed by Liron Unreich, Director of Photography: Tal Unreich



Catherine Chalmers' film Safari, in collaboration by Liron Unreich and Flike won Best Short Experimental Film award at the prestigious SXSW film festival in Austin Texas. visit Catherine Chalmers' website
Edited and Collaboration: Liron Unreich